Competition into Cooperation

As I was saying last week, the shift we are trying to make in our consciousness is from “Me” to “We.” From the individual to the collective, which is a loaded word, let’s call it the individual to the community. We want to foster the flourishing of our community, as defined by the concentric circles of family neighborhood, workplace, municipality, the regional ecosystem, the country, the human family. We are all connected. When my youngest son was 5 he dictated a poem to me, “Now we are one.” That has a nice sound to it. So a corollary of the […]

From me first to we first

I think we may have stumbled onto something, though maybe I just stepped in it. There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear. But people are connecting in ways that demonstrate to ourselves and the world how powerful we are. One way to look at it is that we are moving from me-ness to us-ness. Individualism has been the bedrock value of capitalism from the git, but we are now evolving beyond that. In the coming phase of our human history, collective consciousness will assert its primacy. “I” will not be first anymore. “We” will be first. The […]

Bernie makes me happy

Bernie Sanders makes me happy. That isn’t quite accurate. The movement that Sanders has inspired makes me happy. What makes me happy is struggling against oppression. This is not the first time I have discovered this. I don’t know if I can generalize, but I will anyway. Human happiness depends on the struggle against oppression. If one of us is oppressed, we are all oppressed. And we are all oppressed. The billionaire class that we love to vilify, do you think they’re happy? Those Republican candidates, do you think any of them are happy? But even they are oppressed by […]

This is what democracy looks like

We need to take a deep breath and look at what we are witnessing. I’m beginning to think the Bernie Sanders movement is unstoppable. In a sense he is the one we’ve been waiting for, because he sees — and unleashes — our genius as a people. The “structure” of his campaign relies totally on the spontaneity of volunteers hungry to experience our genius. Check the artistry of the myriad memes that have been created in his behalf. The only thing that matters is uniting the working class. Like the man said, all history is the history of class struggle. We are […]

Dear white people,

Let’s get real, fellow white people. We are afraid of Black people. Even for those of us who have worked diligently on our racism, who have tons of Black friends, some black people scare us, the young men, maybe, with low slung pants, who listen to that music that most of us older folks don’t really like. We need to get over this fear. If we are going to get Bernie Sanders elected, if we are going to build a movement for a society that puts people before profit, we need to get beyond this fear. The best way to get […]

The next phase of the Bernie Sanders campaign

Having played a role in instigating the proposed Bernie Sanders Enough is Enough rally in the Bay Area for some time this fall, I’m having second thoughts. It sure was fun watching our numbers climb to 10,000 and beyond on facebook. Even though we are nowhere near what they call viral, we had a taste of it. But we need to plant this virus deeper. It’s pretty easy to click on a meme to say you’re coming to a rally. It’s a little harder to get your butt TO the rally. (An organizer’s rule of thumb: Yes means maybe, Maybe means […]