The Black Vote

Less than eight months ago, a white supremacist gunned down in cold blood nine people, pillars of the Black community, as they prayed in their Charleston, South Carolina church. Is it any wonder that the Black community is afraid of Trump? Is it any wonder that they would vote for the person that the media has been telling them – rightly or wrongly – all along has the best chance of beating Trump? For white progressives, Trump is a clown, a buffoon, a fascist who threatens to make us sick or move to Canada if he wins. For people of […]

It ain’t over til it’s over

Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders in Nevada by 649 votes. Hardly a landslide. More like a statistical quirk. Is this enough to allow us to descend into the slough of despond? I don’t think so. Our worst enemy isn’t Clinton or Trump. It’s our own discouragement. Bernie Sanders entered the race less than a year ago saying that the key issue in U. S. politics was to get the big money out of elections. And then, guess what. He did it. He just did it. He developed a nationally competitive presidential campaign without taking one dime from the billionaires, funded […]

From I to we, me to us

As the Sanders tsunami rolls across the country, the demographics most stubbornly resisting it aren’t African Americans, or Women. There are two. The first demographic I call the cynics. These are the people, some of whom are our good friends, who agree with everything Bernie says but simply don’t believe that the country is ready for someone as left as him and think Hillary has a better chance of working with Congress. To them I say, look, it’s about LEADERSHIP, it’s about character, it’s about integrity, it’s about ORGANIZING, and damn have you seen his campaign so far? He identifies […]

A model for the revolution

What most analysts of the election don’t seem to understand is that Bernie Sanders, in his campaign that has been improbably financed by millions of people instead of a handful of billionaires, has tapped into the people’s yearning for democracy, for a voice in the future of our planet. It has nothing to do with how many angels can dance on the head of single payer, or whether college should be free or just less expensive. In the very process of building his campaign, Bernie has unleashed the power of authentic democracy. His differences with Clinton have little to do […]