A Bernie strike?

We may be closer to this revolution thing than we think. It’s pretty clear that if there was a nationwide one-person-one vote election, Bernie Sanders would win a majority. So, if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, the will of the majority is not being served by the broken and undemocratic election system we have. Don’t we have a mandate to demand that the entire electoral system be revamped along the lines of the much more democratic European parliamentary model  — no electoral college, one day of nationwide voting, proportional representation, no outside money? Here’s a thought to take to Chicago, […]


One of the most important contributions of the Sanders campaign has been the exposure to millions of people, especially young people, of the highly undemocratic nature of U. S. society. Those activists who’ve been around for a while must each of us had our moments when we realized that our 5th grade American History wasn’t too accurate. For me, it was the mis-named Free Speech Movement in Berkeley in 1964, which wasn’t about free speech so much as it was about the right to raise money on campus to support the Civil Rights struggle in the south, particularly the voting […]

The United Front

Michael Moore said recently in the context of the Flint water crisis that the auto workers sit-down strikes in 1936-37 in Flint created the middle class. Out of the Flint stikes came the CIO, which immeasurable empowered workers in their fight for a living wage. An interestingly ironic corollary to this notion is that this strike and thereby the development of the middle class was led by the Communist Party USA, and some allied groups such as the Socialist Party, the Socialist Worker’s Party, the IWW, and the League for Industrial Democracy (which founded SDS).  Of these, the Communist Party […]

May Day

It’s terrific that our Bernie revolution has brought the concept of socialism back into the national political dialogue. If we were to do nothing further, this would still be huge, as they say. What we haven’t done yet is incorporate the essential concepts of Marxism into our discussions. The vicious attack of anti-communism that started in the 50s has everyone scared to say the word Marx. A lot of people have even come to blame Marx for the failures and crimes of the late Communist movement, which is sort of like blaming John Locke for the extremism of the thermadorian […]