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Building the Revolutionary Movement

I went to the Our Revolution in our neighborhood last week and I’m glad that someone is working on the down-ticket races – but that’s not for me. Electoral politics is only half the struggle, if that. The real struggle is at our work-places, in our schools, and in our communities. For all the talk about the 99%, it’s really the working class we’re talking about (which includes the middle class), those of us who work for a living. The only real power we have is in our labor, in the threat of withholding our labor. Michael Moore says the […]

Our Revolution

Bernie’s new organization, Our Revolution, is set to launch on Wednesday, August 24. I don’t know what he has in mind. From searching the web, it would seem that the primary purpose of the organization will be to elect progressives to Congress, a worthy goal for sure. But I would hope that each chapter of the organization would be able to set its own goals. My district, for instance, already has the most progressive member of Congress, Barbara Lee, representing us. Where we might focus is locally, supporting progressivism in the city of Oakland, the mayor of which seems to […]

The need for flexibility

We have a new predicament that requires new flexible thinking in strategy and tactics: the apparent implosion of Trump’s campaign and more importantly, the defection of many Republicans to Clinton. This new alignment will shift the Democratic Party sharply to the right. It’s clear that, since and even at the convention, the Clinton campaign has written off the progressives. This could indeed, as many have been saying, create an opening for a third party. But Trump may well come back and find his groove. His response to the 50 National Security types who signed the letter attacking him was brilliant: […]

Revolution and the National Security State

The enemy is capitalism, the system. It isn’t Trump, it isn’t Hillary. Capitalism has reached a desperate phase in its development: imminent collapse. Now I know people like me have been predicting the collapse of capitalism for 150 years. But one day, we’ll be right. The essential characteristic of this phase of collapse is perpetual warfare. One way to look at it is that the capitalist system collapsed in 1929. The only thing that resuscitated it was rise of the Nazis and World War II. Since then, in case you hadn’t noticed, the U. S. A. never demobilized, for the […]