Embed from Getty Images Sorry to tell you I told you so, but I told you so. Being right is small consolation for what’s happening. The man is channeling Hitler. Blitzkrieg. His governing style is: Throw shit against the wall and see what sticks. He doesn’t care if some of his edicts are overturned by the courts. That will give him an excuse to “reform” the courts. Remember, Hitler did not need to fire a single judge. One huge advantage we have over the German people in the thirties: we have seen this scenario before. I’ve been reading Elie […]

Dialectics in Action

Dialectics in action. Thesis: Trumps inauguration. Antithesis:  the Women’s March, uniting millions against Trump’s bigotry. What turned out today was the coalition against Trump that we need. The scramble then becomes who will lead this coalition, the Bernie progressives or the neoliberals. The progressives definitely have the momentum right now, a huge coup for Bernie to get appointed to Senate leadership in alliance with Schumer. Plus he’s more all over the news than he was when he was running for president. We haven’t heard about the DNC chair business for a while, not a good sign. It looked like Ellison […]

Happy Birthday to ya

I was a college dropout in 1963, at home from my failed effort to become a bum when I watched the “I have a dream” speech. I cried my eyes out. There was something so righteous about this movement, so emphatically clear in its justice. You were for black people, you supported the movement, or you were a racist dog. I broke with King like other (ultra) leftists did when he failed to embrace Black Power and cringed as people increasingly moved toward Malcolm’s “any means necessary.” Most black people simply supported both approaches, understanding that the disagreement was largely […]


I’m going to go out on a limb here (don’t I always?) and say that the purpose of life is human connection. This is the one thing worth struggling for. We experience it in our movements as solidarity, and there’s nothing quite like it. Individualism is the ideology of capitalism, and while capitalism hasn’t collapsed yet (it will, it will), we need to begin the transformation to the next phase of social evolution, which is a revolution in consciousness, from a focus on the “I” to a focus on the “We.” There’s a relatively simple technology that we use in […]

Is the Russian fiasco about us, the progressive movement?

It occurs to me that all of us are missing something about the bizarre Russian email hack story. It’s not just the content, which surely is key here but rarely mentioned, the content that revealed the DNC as being biased toward Clinton in a most unseemly fashion. This is barely mentioned in even the articles that doubt veracity of the Russian hack narrative. I have no way of knowing. My strong suspicion is that there was no Russian hack and this whole business is a false flag, like WMDs in Iraq or the Gulf of Tonkin incident in Vietnam. Where […]