Happy Slave Owners Revolt Day

It’s time to face the fact that, to paraphrase Lincoln, the U. S. is a nation is of white people, by white people, and for white people. On July 4, we celebrate the  241st anniversary of the slave owner’s revolt. The British empire abolished slavery in 1831, some 32 years ahead of the U. S. White supremacy was the founding principle and remains the predominant force in the U. S. The countervailing trend has enjoyed brief moments of promise: the end of slavery, Reconstruction, Civil Rights, but those moments add up to about 20 years. Reconstruction was followed by 85 years […]


The revolution will most likely not be nonviolent. Nonviolence is a tactic that we use until we are forced to fight back. The other side, the 1%, is not nonviolent, lol. They have at their disposal the most destructive war machine that the world has ever seen. The violence won’t come from the likes of guy who shot up the phony softball game. He didn’t kill anyone, BTW. Only he was killed. I don’t think he was crazy. I think he wanted a meaningful death. I can’t defend what he did. It was adventurist, and it has endangered the movement, […]


My favorite cousin and one of my closest friends a few years younger than me was killed last week in a head on crash with a tanker truck filled with apple juice. So I’m grieving, and I have death on my mind. I’m not that far from it myself, even if I live out my full sentence, as it were. I don’t get it, death, that is. We’re here for a hot minute. One thing to consider is the power of the imagination. What we know of “reality” is really just a figment of our imagination, a construct of our […]