I’d like to propose to the progressive movement that we try something new: unity. What a concept. The most unifying figure to have emerged in recent memory is Bernie. Let’s unite behind him and see what we can do. His 2016 campaign accomplished the impossible: he ran a nearly successful campaign without taking money from Wall Street. This should have been the aspect of his campaign that the party adopted, but no one else is even trying to do this: not Warren, not Harris, not Franken. I have my differences with Sanders. He’s too close to the Zionists in Israel; […]

Ending Racism

Some good things are coming out of the Charlottesville tragedy: One, people are talking about racism; two, the racists clearly overreacted by murdering Heather Heyer and wounding nine others, thus turning off many of their would-be supporters. But lest we believe that virulent racism is the exclusive property of the white supremacists, we need to understand that racism is historic, systemic, and structural, woven in the social fabric of the United States. Its essence is embodied by the following statistic: the median wealth (not income) of white households is 13 times that of Black households, $141,000 to $11,000 (1913 figures). […]

Back to School

Back to School. One strategy that progressive forces in the cities might consider is developing a vision for the public schools and then organizing a slate of candidates for school board to advocate for that vision. The schools – pretty much all of them – are in terrible shape and the back-to-basics business model that’s been in vogue since the 1980s has only made the situation worse. This model is stuck in the 19th century, where in most cases children sit down and shut up while a teacher attempts to pour inaccurate and uninteresting knowledge into their ears. It never […]