Ending Sexism

TO MY BROTHERS: MEN! CUT THAT SHIT OUT! We need to own our sexism, to take responsibility for it, and to rip it out of our brains. We know this, our rulers plant sexism in our mother’s milk (or Nestle formula) because it keeps us divided. I include myself. Even though I consider myself a  feminist, and even as I strive to nurture equality in my home and in our society, there remains a section of my brain devoted to sexism. I don’t think I’m alone in this, but when I walk down the street I evaluate – crudely – […]

Thanksgiving Fake News

From Richard Greener in the Huffpost Blog: ‘The idea of the American Thanksgiving feast is a fairly recent fiction. The idyllic partnership of 17th Century European Pilgrims and New England Indians sharing a celebratory meal appears to be less than 120 years-old. And it was only after the First World War that a version of such a Puritan-Indian partnership took hold in elementary schools across the American landscape. We can thank the invention of textbooks and their mass purchase by public schools for embedding this “Thanksgiving” image in our modern minds. It was, of course, a complete invention, a cleverly created slice […]