The United Front Again

I’m going to make a dogmatic – but true – statement: the only thing that will make any difference in developing an equitable society is organizing the working class, with priority given to the black and Latinx communities. Electoral politics are relevant only to the extent that they foster or inhibit such efforts at organization. This is why it’s critical to support Bernie, regardless of any disagreements you might have with this or that of his policies. The most effective strategy in organizing the working class and maximizing our power has been the united front. The Democratic Party is the […]

Tear down all the walls!

It’s likely the spineless democrats are going to cave on the wall. The deal will be 800,000 dreamers for the wall. Democrats should draw a line at the wall. But they won’t. Maybe the best we can hope for is a commission to study the wall which we can defund once we take back Congress in November. We need to tear down all the walls. Not just those between countries, but those between us as individual humans. It’s the same struggle, the same wall against the “other,” when there is no other. Us is all there is. Instead of a […]

In Defense of Men

Men are dogs. We are. We have been so indoctrinated with sexism that we can’t see straight, we just think with our dicks. Don’t tell me you don’t, because I won’t believe you. What’s the first question? Boy or girl. With just a faint hint of a brighter smile if the answer is male. Men are more valuable than women in our society. Why? Because the capitalists need us to defend the empire. We are raised to kill or be killed. If you’re raised to kill or be killed, it’s important that you have as few feelings as possible, and […]