Democracy is coming to the USA!

What’s the most important thing for us to understand going into the Iowa primary like tomorrow, a single vote that may be among the most important ones of 21st century? Who will lead us to reverse course as a society and as a species to prevent the end of life as we know it on the planet.
In all the years that we have explored, observed, and listened to outer space, we have yet to detect the existence of even a single virus on any place except Earth. This scintillatingly beautiful thing that we call Life may be just that rare – and just that fragile. I think we need to muster a little awe at how incredibly lucky we are, how stacked the universal odds are against us. Our very existence as humans is highly improbable.
If humanity is to not just survive but thrive, it is obvious to most of us that it is time to make a leap in our evolution.
It’s going to take US coming together in unprecedented ways. Who will lead us?
This is one of many things that the pundocracy doesn’t get. It’s about leadership. It has nothing whatsoever to do with policies. It’s amazing how little they get it. In the past six months, Bernie Sanders has manifested a capacity for leadership that makes our hearts sing. Just like our very existence it’s mostly about luck, the stars and everything else are aligning behind Bernie and his movement. He has already accomplished the impossible: mounting a competitive and quite likely successful campaign for president at this moment without taking money from the billionaires. This is in and of itself a revolution.

It’s about democracy. Bernie is telling the world what we, the vast majority of the people, want. It isn’t just a gaggle of progressive policies. It’s nothing more and nothing less than the next phase in the evolution of human society, from one based on competition and conflict to one based on sharing and caring. Maybe this says it all: some pundit asked Bernie what was the one word that would describe the kind of society he was advocating. His word? Compassionate.

Remember this? “The people, united, will never be defeated.”
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