M2M: A Million to Milwaukee

A Million to Milwaukee. M2M. Bernie Bros – let’s own the damn term – female and male. We will surround the Wisconsin Center. Not with a hostile thought in our hearts. We will be there to witness the transformation of American politics. To celebrate the victory – not ultimate by any means – of the working class. As boomers, we used to chant it. The people united will never be defeated. This doesn’t always appear to be true, but we might say the people united will do so much better than the people divided. We’ve glimpsed what a united movement can do (France? Vietnam? China? Cuba? Tunisia?). The Union Movement. The Civil Rights Movement. The Anti-war Movement. We – Boomers, god damn it – stopped that fucking war with our movement. Movements change people’s minds in a hurry, something the establishment Dems and their subsidiary, the MSM, fail to understand, or if they do, it sends them into a panic.

Because of security concerns, we will need our encirclement to be outside the security perimeter of the Wisconsin Center. A five-ten block radius? I’m hopeful that Our Revolution and or Democratic Socialists of America will have reserved a permitted gathering spot as close to the Center as allowable. And will help with the daunting logistics like, where will a million people sleep? Would the city give a permit to the encirclement? If there’s really a million of us, would it matter?

We would of course follow the leadership of the Sanders campaign. I’m just one guy proposing a concept, with the help of one other guy who designed the neat logo.

I grew up in Milwaukee, and it will be lovely to see this gritty city, which had a socialist mayor Frank Zeidler from 1948-1960 (the height of the McCarthy era), resume its rightful place in history.

If you are interested in helping with this effort, or if you know of similar efforts in the making, please leave your email in the subscribe box and comment on my blog http://henryhitz.com/m2m-a-million-to-milwaukee/

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