Salubrious Solstice!!!

Happy New Year from the mostly real Hitz family and the fictional Blatz family

A couple days before Christmas, Father gets it in his head that we are going to have a “traditional”Christmas. That doesn’t just mean turkey and plum pudding, no sir. It means we have to go cut down our own tree from the farm. And that’s not all. It also means we have to kill our own Christmas dinner. Can you believe it? And you know, once the old man makes up his mind, there’s no talking him out of it. Usually he hates things like holidays. Really, I think he hates “family,” although to be fair I guess he sometimes thinks the individuals in it are sort of OK. Mostly he’s very withdrawn from the family, in a world of his own.

     But then he’ll get this fixation, like a ”traditional” Christmas, and look out, here comes Mr. Family!…

    Father wakes Barney and me at seven o’clock sharp so we can go out and cut the tree down and pick out a goddamn chicken. I want to just tell him no. “C’mon, Dad, how about we go into town and buy a tree and a turkey like everyone else? That’s tradition.” But you don’t argue with Father like that anymore than you call him “Dad.” You just don’t… [Excerpt from Squirrels in the Wall, By Henry Hitz.]

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