The Drumbeats of War

I am alarmed that people on the left (and others) are not alarmed what appears to me to be a trajectory toward wider and catastrophic war. To be nice I’ll call it a “World-like” War. While friends of mine are waving Ukrainian flags, the Biden Obama Democrats are realizing that the only way not to lose the House and the Senate later this year is to have Ukraine to declare a no fly zone. The US will then start intervening directly by shooting down Russian planes. Yes, this is Wag the Dog, but that wasn’t exactly fiction. It’s a perfect issue because the Republicans are so vulnerable in their tilt toward Russia. Russia is likely to respond by using low yield battlefield nukes to break the taboo. The US Military will quietly welcome this development. Where it goes from there is anybody’s guess.

The current war is different from most wars since World War II. Most of those were anti- or pro-colonial wars, with one side overwhelmingly more powerful (even if they lost). This isn’t true of Russia and Nato backed Ukraine, relative equals and, not incidentally, white. Like World War I and II (except for Japan, but look what happened to them).

Another indication of how dangerous this situation is the way the media, especially CNN and MSNBC, are beating the drums for war, in a way reminiscent of Hearst and Remember the Maine. 

The essence of this war is a battle for the control of resources in Ukraine by the ruling classes of both countries, with Ukraine allied with Nato and the US. The hope for the future is in the hands of the Russian peace movement, and we should find ways to strengthen it. It’s time for the working classes of both countries to try to unite again and stop the madness. 

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