We’re in Deep Shit!

We’re in deep shit. This is the succinct conclusion from Nina Turner’s ignominious defeat in Cleveland this month 50-44%, The progressive wing of the party can’t be faulted for going all out for her in a bloody campaign. We pulled out all the stops.

But so did our adversaries in both the Democratic and Republican parties, the neoliberal movement led by Barack Obama. He appears to have facilitated an elegant replay of the day before Super Tuesday when he convinced the neoliberal allies ganged up on Bernie to oust him from the race. It worked in the sense that despite the fury engendered by the insult to the progressive wing, Biden was able pull it off. 

But the Nina Turner shit show escalates the division between progressives and the neoliberal establishment. Would it really of killed them to let Nina win as she was poised to do, not as president but as one voice out of 435 in Washington, bringing the squad up to a minority of six. This heavy-handed strategy, combined with the utter failure of the Democratic majority to disarm the filibuster and pass a Voting Rights Bill, will condemn the party to lose both the house and the senate in 2022. Are you ready for Tucker Carlson in 2024? 

Discouragement only benefits the greedy shits in power. Like they say, don’t mourn, organize. But take a minute to grieve. We need to face the fact that with Trump out of the picture at least temporarily, Obama is the chief obstacle to progressive change, a formidable opponent. As Humphrey Bogart didn’t say to Ingred Bergman, at least we have Buffalo.

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