Beyond a Bernie victory

I’ve been on extended vacation – practice retirement really – traveling the East Coast, exploring, visiting family and friends. We stopped in Greenville, SC and found the recently opened Bernie headquarters. My wife Gloria and I spent a couple of hours door knocking in the Black community. It was good. People were friendly. Most hadn’t really thought much about the election, several had watched the debate, out of about 12 contacts I’d say, 2 were leaning Bernie. The key issue for most people was health care. I watched most of the Republican Debate tonight. I was scarily impressed. They were […]

Enough with your internet polls!

Enough with your internet polls! Yeah I was shocked at the post debate poll numbers, but even if our tech savvy Berniacs didn’t manipulate the results (I don’t blame them. Let’s do what it takes), they don’t mean that much. Thinking that someone won a debate doesn’t mean you’ll vote for them. The very idea of winning such a debate is ridiculous. Hillary did well. She was on her game. So was Bernie. This is one step on a long journey. Ok, I’m glad the soldiers pushed back against CNN, because they can be forced to be more responsive. Let’s move […]

Bernie Sanders and American Imperialism

Too many leftists have turned up their noses at the Bernie Sanders campaign because his platform neither opposes – nor barely mentions American Imperialism (let’s name it), let alone wars in the middle east, covert/overt interventions world-wide. Social democracy historically has not consistently opposed imperialist war. It did in Vietnam, by and large. But in the Russian Revolution, the social democrats like Bernie were called Mensheviks. They took power (with the help of the Bolsheviks) in January of 1917 under the program of Peace, Bread, Land. But they didn’t end the Russian involvement in World War I. That’s what gave […]


Last week I commented on one Tim Wise’s powerful postsabout gentrification. I said, “Ironically it’s us ‘progressive’ whites that are just antiracist enough to move into poor black and/or Latin communities and gentrify them…” The comment got 121 likes in a couple of days, a lot for me, an FB neophyte. I’m thinking this comment touched a nerve because gentrification of cities is really the front line of the war against Black and Latin people. It’s a much bigger deal than we think, and it directly impacts Bernie’s campaign. What the comment points to is that racism is systemic. We […]