The Collapse of Capitalism

One of the mysteries of the 20th Century right up there with wireless printing (how does that work?) and the location of Amelia Earhart is “How the fu*k is it possible that ‘Communism’ (which was really just an oppressive form of socialism) collapsed in the late 80’s with barely a shot fired?” This goes against everything we know about human nature and politics. It’s a magnificently hopeful thing. Think about it. It is possible to have a gigantic political and economic transition without a bloodbath. This is huge, people. Even if you think the transformation of the USSR was a […]

We need to revitalize internationalism

For as ardent Bernie fan as I am, the 2nd debate was an eye-opener. To quote the man himself, “It’s not enough.” While Bernie’s domestic program may seem radical to some, his foreign policy will be a continuation of perpetual war in the middle east. We’re really good at blaming Bush and the Iraq war on the current situation with ISEL. But now what? Maybe we should once again start addressing the real problem in the middle east and around the world, American Imperialism. I think we need to think about the current situation as our failure, call it the […]

Mother Emanuel

While in South Carolina, my wife Gloria and I visited Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, where the nine people were murdered by a white supremacist. Murdered in cold blood in their sanctuary. Their sanctuary. Oh, another mass killing, people seem to be saying. White people, anyway. This is not Aurora. This is not Columbine. This is different. Those were random white folks going off on their brethren for picking on them. Not to minimize the trauma. But Charleston is different. Charleston represents a significant escalation of the war against black people, perpetrated by a growing white terrorist network that has, among […]