They say it will be impossible for Bernie to catch HRC’s big delegate lead, but Bernie has proven over and over that just because something’s impossible, doesn’t mean he can’t do it. Bernie entered the race promising to take the big money out of politics, which is of course impossible. But then he just did it. In one year he has raised money on the same competitive level as all the other candidates, but without taking a dime from big money. This is an enormous political accomplishment, almost on a par with Obamacare or the Iranian agreement. It shows that […]

This is what democracy looks like

Happy Vernal Equinox, everyone! Here is what I think needs to happen. The Bernie Sanders movement – not the campaign – needs to come together and consolidates its gains. Regardless of whether Bernie wins or not, we need to develop the organization to carry out our vision. I’m willing to put in some time into this. We need have some serious convenings. I don’t know the best way. By cities? By neighborhoods? I know this much: the revolution will be organized one-by-one. The revolution is a lot about tearing down the barriers between us, figuring the hell out how to […]

Be Prepared

Significant escalation in the election process: the people shutting down Donald Trump’s rally in downtown Chicago. We honor the courageous demonstrators. Yes, we understand that this was a setup, that Trump thinks it’s in his interest to foment chaos and argue we need a strong man to whip the country in shape. But the history of the world consists of unintended consequences. I think that might be a corollary of the uncertainty principle. The capacity of human beings to imagine a vision and successfully fulfill it is not high. Something bad usually happens on the road to utopia. But presumably, […]

The Big Picture

Fellow Bernie folks: We’re being tricked. We’re being bamboozled. We’re being fed bread and circuses. This election is not a god damn football game. We act as if it were, to the point of vilifying our opponents solely for the purpose of enhancing our rivalry. This strikes me as highly counter to the democratic socialist ethos that we are attempting to build. You are what you eat. We need to step back, get serious, and focus on the bigger picture. I’m sure we all have different visions of the revolution. Our visions together will combine into some kind of heck […]