Developing a collective strategy

If by some bizarre fluke of the electoral process, Bernie is denied the nomination, we need to think about our next steps. The whole brouhaha over Bust or Blue is a reactionary distraction which only helps the ruling class. As Robert Reich so artfully put it early on, the ruling class is still the ruling class. They don’t give up easily. Our task, win or lose, is to unite our movement and consolidate the power we have achieved. The choices we make regarding what to do or how to vote should not be seen as individual decisions, as strongly as […]

How does he do it?

How does he do it? How many times have we thought this, said this, or heard this? How does he do it. An under-appreciated aspect of the Sanders campaign is its living contradiction to ageism. He’s great on ending racism and sexism for the most part, some ways to go, but what he is manifesting to the world is a 74 year old man with the energy of a 25 year old. Is he on amphetamine, like Kennedy? I wouldn’t blame him. (I used to like that speed stuff). Most likely it’s the energy of the people. There is nothing […]


Let’s pull this Bernie thing off. We should focus all of our energy here. I think the strategy is to connect with people on a human level. I get and even admire the tactic of Bernie or Bust. We gotta play hardball, I get that. But it is a tactic. A negotiating position. It’s not even an issue, because Bernie is going to win this. What it will take to win our revolution is unity and solidarity among the largest grouping in the world, the international working class. Name it. That’s what it is.  Anticommunism has been so thoroughly victorious […]

A Longer View

The first lines of my novel, White Knight, read: “Barney Blatz, a white man, stares at his bony fingers on the keys of the manual Olympia typewriter. ‘Babe. Do you think the title should be “Fight Racism” or “Smash Racism”?’ he asks.” Blatz, married to a Black woman, is an organizer in the Black community, a child care teacher who organizes the parents against the school system. It’s set in San Francisco in the late seventies, as the sixties movements stumble toward Reaganism. The subtitle of the novel is How one man came to believe that he was the one […]