Seizing Power

Revolutions are about power, about working people taking control of the future. Bernie’s campaign has achieved more power for working people than any movement in years, involving millions of people fighting for Socialism! And, while not winning the election outright, he more importantly blazed a path that shows how to have a largely peaceful (that depends on the ruling class), democratic revolution. We can do this, comrades! It’s now clear to me that from the beginning, Bernie’s vision of a path to power was through the Democratic Party. Where would he/we be if he decided in May 2015 to run […]

Muhammad Ali and Freedom Road

I came this close to buying a ticket to Chicago today for the People’s Summit next week, but the I Ching said “It does not further one to go anywhere.” Only half kidding. Plus I’ve been facing health issues which stress won’t help. Why did I want go so much? Our movement is in a crucial phase, as it always is. Perhaps Democracy for America is a good model for how to turn Bernie’s campaign into an ongoing movement. DFA came out of Howard Dean’s campaign in 2004. It’s a testament to the democracy of that organization that Dean came […]