Organizing Black People

We don’t have one working class in the U. S. We have two: one white and one black/Latinx. As long as white family wealth is 13 times black family wealth, class unity isn’t likely. Nor is it even desirable for black people. A united working class as Bernie envisions it in this period would led by whites and benefit whites more than it would blacks. Cuba is a good example. If we are sincere in wanting a society where caring replaces greed, where cooperation beats competition, black people are leading that struggle. The cutting edge of that struggle is in […]

Class struggle

The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles. The ruling capitalist class, internationally, sees the writing on the wall. The elites’ attempts to establish something like fascism are acts of desperation. The tax bill is a reflection of the current weakness of the working class, a chance for the owners to get it while they can. It’s not just greed. They need this money to negotiate their survival once the working class gets it together to fight back. Consider the advances of working class power in the twentieth century. The Russian Revolution in 1917. The New […]