Who Rules the U. S?

https://whorulesamerica.ucsc.edu/.. As Bernie draws closer to winning the whole shebang, we need to think about how we will govern. The ruling class will still be in power and will do what it can to limit Bernie’s capacity to change things. My guess is that the Rockefeller/Bloomberg (liberal) wing of the ruling class will acquiesce to his winning, even supporting him against Trump. See how the media (not Fox) — the voice of the ruling class — treats him after he wins the first 3 contests and holds his own in South Carolina. Resignation to reality will seep in, and they […]

The Last Nanosecond

I’m no scientist, but I do have an intuitive understanding of quantum entanglement and synchronicity, Jung’s concept of meaningful coincidence that he developed in talks with Einstein in the early 20th century. Synchronicity explains all matter of acausal phenomenon, from spirituality to magic. To experience synchronicity, I suggest visiting the  I Ching, the ancient Chinese Book of  Changes. Jung’s forward to the Wilhelm translation addresses synchronicity. The reason these coincidences work is because the reality that we experience is a collaboration between our consciousness and external stimuli. Although they might not admit it, Piaget’s and Vigotsky’s idea of constructivism derives […]