M2M: A Million to Milwaukee

A Million to Milwaukee. M2M. Bernie Bros – let’s own the damn term – female and male. We will surround the Wisconsin Center. Not with a hostile thought in our hearts. We will be there to witness the transformation of American politics. To celebrate the victory – not ultimate by any means – of the working class. As boomers, we used to chant it. The people united will never be defeated. This doesn’t always appear to be true, but we might say the people united will do so much better than the people divided. We’ve glimpsed what a united movement […]

Class, clash, crash, cats

We are approaching a historic moment in our politics. Bernie Sanders is the first candidate to authentically represent the working class. To prevent him and the working class from prevailing, the ruling class has thrown a gaggle of candidates in his way with minimal success — oh, perfectly nice people (I’m no Bernie bro) but surrogates of the ruling class of billionaires. Bernie continues to surge. In a final act of desperation, the ruling class has decided to intervene directly in the form of Bloomberg, a nicer racist than Trump, with much better taste. But what an iconic struggle they […]

Capitalism, Socialism, and Climate Change

Much of the hesitation among many folk who essentially agree with Bernie’s politics is driven by fear of the word “socialism,” not for the policies the word represents but for the attacks against the word that will come from Trump. I think we can overcome this reluctance if we explain ourselves more fully. As Bernie has emphasized, climate change is the most important issue facing the world today. What’s causing this catastrophic climate change? It’s not you failing to bring your own bags to the supermarket. It’s capitalism. Unbridled capitalism with it’s relentless drive for profits and economic growth is […]