Stay in the race, Bernie!

IMHO, Bernie Sanders should stay in the Democratic Primary race until the convention. He should continue doing what he is doing, which is very presidentially leading the fight against the corona virus pandemic and the attempts of the elites to profit from it. His dialogue with AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib yesterday was on point – especially AOC’s advocacy and reference to Mutual Aid. Because Biden supposedly has the nomination sewed up, the electability issue is off the table. Many people who like Bernie’s policies voted for Biden because they thought he was more electable no longer have to […]

The Collapse of Capitalism II?

Some of us have been predicting the collapse of capitalism for 170 years. One day we’ll be right. Today? In a way, the situation transcends politics. Trump and McConnell are adopting socialist policies because there is really no alternative to the collapse of capitalism. One could argue that capitalism collapsed in 1929. The only way socialism was prevented from sweeping Europe and the U. S. was by the unleashing of the vicious fascism of Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo, precipitating World War II, which in the U. S. and elsewhere established the military “socialism” that remains in effect today. The war […]

October Surprise

“October Surprise” is a short story I have written as a warning for the Sanders movement against complacency. I am reprinting the first part of the story here. If you want to read the whole thing, leave your email on my blog either by subscribing or in the comments with the words October Surprise and I’ll send it to you free as a pdf file, about 19 pages. OCTOBER SURPRISE © 2020 by Henry Hitz “I’m really not political, Conner,” Zack told his best friend since kindergarten.  “I know, Zack. Just come to the rally, would you? For me?”  It […]