A Modest Proposal

Thanks, no thanks, to Jeff Gibbs and Michael Moore (whom I used to adore) for re-raising the fake news of overpopulation. Their dystopian film, Planet of the Humans, excoriates the environmental movement, and provides a valuable expose. But the film ultimately suggests that limiting population growth is the primary remedy for climate collapse. I don’t believe that overpopulation is the issue. The biggest threat to the planet is capitalism and its built-in addiction to continuous growth and skewed distribution. And we have an alternative. It’s called socialism, and I’ve made this argument elsewhere. However, I do have a modest proposal […]

Bernie’s Strategy

Here’s a take on Bernie’s move to endorse Biden I haven’t heard yet. It was essentially a purge of the grouping that the right likes to call Bros, the people who weren’t Democrats and were therefore a hindrance to his strategy of a prosocialist takeover of the Democratic Party, which is more important to him and to the country than winning the presidency. The strategy he has used all along is a classical united front strategy, which is the only way the left has ever achieved any power anywhere. The concept was developed by Lenin but has become an organizing […]

Don’t Mourn, Organize!

I’m as upset as the next Bernie Bro (I’ve embraced the term) about Bernie’s endorsement of Joe. I vacillate between trusting his judgement and thinking he made a tragic mistake, ignoring the will of his most committed supporters. But I’m ready to move on. The electoral arena is only one front of our struggle. The more important front is at the point of production and in our working class communities. We need to take away three lessons from our Bernie experience: organize, organize, organize. SOLIDARITY FOREVER is a book about working class organizing that is almost finished. Do you have […]

Make remaining primaries a referendum on Medical for All

Proposal to the Bernie Sanders movement: Hopefully with the support of the campaign, we transform the remaining primaries explicitly as a referendum on Medicare for All. We use the phone and text systems of the campaign to call voters in the remaining states. We ask the campaign to keep staff on in those states to facilitate this process. In these calls and texts we acknowledge that Biden will be the nominee, and your reason for still voting for Bernie are to support Medicare for All. The script for the calls might read: Hello is ________________available? My name is _____________________and I’m […]

The Transition from Capitalism to Socialism

The transition from capitalism to socialism is an inevitable development, a function of social evolution. Where we can exercise some agency in this process is how it plays out, how violent or non-violent the different steps will be. Just as imperialism is a stage of capitalism, socialism seems to go through stages. The U. S. and most developing nations are in the first stage, with the state providing minimal protections for workers, compared to the fully capitalist stages of chattel and wage slavery. Britain, France, Germany, Italy, are at a more advanced stage, with Cuba, China, and the Scandinavian counties […]