Capitalism and Climate Collapse

This seems so obvious it hardly needs explanation: the cause of impending climate collapse is capitalism. As I said in my blog last week, one step we can take is transforming the public schools to educate the next generation in combatting climate collapse. But beyond that, we need to advocate vigorously for our governments to do what it takes to curtail the continued spewing of greenhouse gasses by the fossil fuel and energy sectors of the economy, which most likely will ultimately require nationalization of those sectors. We need to plan for a post-capitalist society. The term “Socialism” has such a […]

Transforming the Public Schools to Save the Planet

Like Leonard Cohen says, everybody knows. Everybody knows that the climate is on the verge of collapse and the public school system is failing students spectacularly. We have an immodest proposal that can bring these crises toward a joint resolution.  We propose to reorient the entire school system so that its main focus for everyone — students, teachers, and parents alike — is to study the earth and the climate crisis for the purpose of developing solutions.  We’ll start with one school, appropriately named Brookfield in Oakland, California. A few of us got the idea when the school board voted […]