A Bernie strike?

We may be closer to this revolution thing than we think. It’s pretty clear that if there was a nationwide one-person-one vote election, Bernie Sanders would win a majority. So, if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, the will of the majority is not being served by the broken and undemocratic election system we have. Don’t we have a mandate to demand that the entire electoral system be revamped along the lines of the much more democratic European parliamentary model  — no electoral college, one day of nationwide voting, proportional representation, no outside money?
Here’s a thought to take to Chicago, to the People’s Summit June 17 (I don’t think I can go). What about a Bernie strike? At least, organizing for the possibility of one. An insurance policy. If we collectively don’t feel that the convention has been a fair process, we, all of us, take off work the next day after the nomination. Or even if the nomination has been “fair” under the corrupt rules of the Democratic Party and Bernie doesn’t win? If nothing else, this election has exposed our electoral system as totally undemocratic — not even counting any cheating that may have gone on. We need to strike for a new electoral system. Everyone who can. We don’t want people to risk their jobs.

Withholding your vote for the presumptive nominee, ah, not so scary. Withholding your labor? If only a few million of us actually took the day off, what a statement that would make! We could gather in the commons of our communities and decide what to do next, where to take our energy.

If we stand together and shut down the country, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.

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