Black Lives Matter and the Bernie Sanders Campaign

Like many people, Black and white, I was disheartened by Black Lives Matter disrupting yet another Bernie Sanders rally yesterday (August 8, 2015). I was hopeful that after the first time – which I supported – that the Sanders campaign would take aggressive steps to bridge the gap, and it looked to me that at least they were trying. But then it occurred to me that we’ve been missing something. There’s a reason that the war against Black people has been escalating in the last year, or maybe less visibly, in the past 30 years: the increasing concentration of wealth in fewer and fewer hands. There is a recognition on some level that the concentration of wealth has made capitalism in this country increasingly unstable. Our rulers are not stupid. They know on some level that the more they steal from us, the more we will resist, and they don’t intend to be overthrown. So they have quietly – well not so quietly – increased their repressive apparatus in the form of militarizing the police, as well as tacitly condoning police murder and brutality toward the Black population by their toothless attempts to prosecute police murderers. At the same time they have turned the Republican Party into something resembling an auxiliary of the White Citizen’s Council. None of this is an accident. I don’t know who the players are that sit around the table (in drag?) at the Bohemian Club and plot the maintenance of their rule at all costs, or even if they do that, but planned or not, they are doing just that. The concentration of wealth in the ruling billionaire class has engendered an instability which has forced the rulers to unleash a campaign of increasing racist violence in order to keep the 99% sufficiently divided and confused, fighting each other instead of them. It will take a concerted effort on the part of both the Sander’s campaign and the Black Liberation Movement to turn this situation around.

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