Prime time, really?

What were the Democrats thinking? Giving the Republicans prime time exposure for their mendacious narrative, which repeated often enough gains credibility? Imagine if the Senate gave Bernie three prime time hours to himself. I’m agnostic about the impeachment itself. It’s getting Al Capone on tax evasion. Quid Pro Quo is another name for politics. There’s a danger of diminished scale here. Was what Trump did worse than Reagan negotiating with Iran a delay in the release of the hostages to enhance his election chances? Was he impeached? How about Iran-Contra that flooded the black and brown communities with crack cocaine? […]

We can win this!

We could win this thing, Bernie people. What the media and the mainstream politicians don’t or won’t understand is the role of movements in politics. Trump would not be where he is without his racist movement. Hitler could not have taken over without a movement. The only person capable of leading a countermovement is Bernie. Movements change peoples’ minds in a hurry. Movements like ours wake people up. People are rising all over the world. Iraq. Ecuador. Chile. Haiti. Algeria. France. Honduras. Movements like these make people realize very quickly how much power we have if we work together. We […]

Bernie over Liz

The most important accomplishment off Bernie’s 2016 was to prove that it was possible to run a credible and competitive campaign for president without taking money from the corporate billionaires with their own agenda. And he’s doing it again in 2019, which is why we should support him, and not Elizabeth Warren. While Warren has pledged not to take corporate money in the primary race, she has said she will take it in the general in order to compete with Trump. And the New York Times ran a front page article last week that revealed that even in the primary, […]

Bernie and the united front

The united front. I don’t think it’s possible to understand Bernie’s strategy for his “revolution” without understanding the concept of the united front. Lenin developed the strategy in leading the Russian Revolution, but as a strategy, it has little to do with communist ideology. It’s about how you win. In pursuing the strategy, we unite with everyone who agrees with a certain set of principles, points of unity. Often we unite with people and groups with which we have profound disagreements. The way we handle these disagreements determines whether we will be successful or not. “Struggle with, struggle against” is […]

Feeling the bern…

Are you feeling the bern yet? I am. And I think others are opening up to the possibility that he could win this thing. Can we take a second to imagine what that might really be like? Bernie Sanders, Socialist, sworn in as POTUS on January 20, 2021. Breathe. This could happen. Exactly what would happen from day one on all our ambitious policy goals, I can’t say. But more importantly, I sense the whole country relaxing a into smile, from Bangor to San Diego, from Anchorage to Honolulu, Miami to San Juan. The nightmare is over, and not just […]

Politics Is About Power: Assessing the 2018 Mid-Terms

This Guest Blog from Max Elbaum is one of the most cogent analyses of the recent mid-term election in the U. S. It’s long but worth reading in full: Politics is about Power. One of the positive things about this moment is that the question of power has moved central to discussion on the left. Not just how to speak truth to power, or how to protest those in power, or pressure those in power. Rather, how to take chunks of power from those who have it now and get it for the exploited and oppressed. I haven’t seen that […]

Constitutional Convention?

Maybe we – the left – should embrace this idea of a Constitutional Convention and fight for the Constitution we need: Eliminate the Electoral College. Why does it surprise us that a provision written into the Constitution by white supremacists to protect slavery biases our system toward white supremacists? What else should be in there is the Second Bill of Rights, which was allegedly developed by Eleanor Roosevelt, introduced by FDR in 1944, and later incorporated into the U. N. Declaration of Human Rights – as well as into Bernie Sanders platform: The right to a useful and remunerative job in […]

Viva Mexico!

The election of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) could be a turning point in the hemisphere. The early 2000s saw a proliferation of socialism in Latin America, not just Cuba any more. Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina. Of course El Salvador and Nicaragua, who fought and defeated the United States. The 2010s saw a right-wing resurgence. It’s one fight. We are one people. It’s not good enough to back “humane” immigration policies, okay, no f-ing concentration camps for the tender aged. Obama didn’t incarcerate people, but he did deport a record number of undocumented. This should be a […]

The United Front Again

I’m going to make a dogmatic – but true – statement: the only thing that will make any difference in developing an equitable society is organizing the working class, with priority given to the black and Latinx communities. Electoral politics are relevant only to the extent that they foster or inhibit such efforts at organization. This is why it’s critical to support Bernie, regardless of any disagreements you might have with this or that of his policies. The most effective strategy in organizing the working class and maximizing our power has been the united front. The Democratic Party is the […]


I’d like to propose to the progressive movement that we try something new: unity. What a concept. The most unifying figure to have emerged in recent memory is Bernie. Let’s unite behind him and see what we can do. His 2016 campaign accomplished the impossible: he ran a nearly successful campaign without taking money from Wall Street. This should have been the aspect of his campaign that the party adopted, but no one else is even trying to do this: not Warren, not Harris, not Franken. I have my differences with Sanders. He’s too close to the Zionists in Israel; […]