Class, clash, crash, cats

We are approaching a historic moment in our politics. Bernie Sanders is the first candidate to authentically represent the working class. To prevent him and the working class from prevailing, the ruling class has thrown a gaggle of candidates in his way with minimal success — oh, perfectly nice people (I’m no Bernie bro) but surrogates of the ruling class of billionaires. Bernie continues to surge. In a final act of desperation, the ruling class has decided to intervene directly in the form of Bloomberg, a nicer racist than Trump, with much better taste.

But what an iconic struggle they have now imposed upon us! The billionaire vs. anti-billionaire! Can the ruling class defeat the working class simply by throwing unlimited money at it?

It can work. FDR did it in the thirties. Bernie likes to portray himself as an FDR Democrat, but there’s a crucial difference. FDR adopted social democratic policies in order to stem the rising tide of revolution during the period. Bernie is doing the opposite, fanning the revolutionary flames. The point of his mass movement, like those of the thirties, is to scare the ruling class into giving up at least some of its power.

But Bloomberg is cheating in a sense by giving his money to the media to get himself elected, at the same time offering small concessions to the working class should we be foolish enough to back him over Bernie. And the ruling class is in a bind. Even if Bernie has only a plurality of delegates on the first ballot in Milwaukee, do they dare risking a revolutionary walkout if they give it to Bloomberg on the second ballot? We need to double down on our efforts and make sure Bernie has a majority at the convention.

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