Feeling the bern…

Are you feeling the bern yet? I am. And I think others are opening up to the possibility that he could win this thing. Can we take a second to imagine what that might really be like?

Bernie Sanders, Socialist, sworn in as POTUS on January 20, 2021.


This could happen.

Exactly what would happen from day one on all our ambitious policy goals, I can’t say. But more importantly, I sense the whole country relaxing a into smile, from Bangor to San Diego, from Anchorage to Honolulu, Miami to San Juan. The nightmare is over, and not just the Trump nightmare, but the Wall Street nightmare as well.

One policy he could make on day two was to align the Executive Branch with organizing the people. Restrictions would be taken off labor organizing. Seriously progressive nonprofits would have access to funding.

The Department of Education might start talking about teaching the whole child again, and fund projects that model learn-by-doing constructivism.

I could go on and on. So could you

Can’t you taste it? It’s in reach, people.

You don’t have to do doorhangers. You don’t even have to vote for him. But can we get you to stop posting negative memes about him? “The DNC has it fixed. They won’t let him win.” “He sold us out when he didn’t challenge the DNC rigging last time.” Unless of course you’re being paid by Bernie’s enemies. You should stop then too, but I do understand the need to make a buck. (Drive for Lyft?)

Wherever they’re coming from, it seems like every fifth FB post is casting shade on Bernie. Is it my friends’ list, or are other folks getting this relentless onslaught as well? I have 5000 friends, most left over from the 2016 campaign. My suspicion is that this barrage of shade is perpetrated by a tiny number of disgruntleds who are overly prolific in their posts.

How about this one: “He’s not electable because the polls show that most Democrats are centrist and want a moderate.” Which polls are those? The same ones that predicted a landslide victory for Hillary? That anyone would put any faith in polls after 2016 is preposterous, especially polls that ask vague questions.

News flash: people’s politics are way more fluid that you think. That’s the point of a movement. As a movement achieves power by building unity, people will be drawn to it like moths to flame.

As for the rest of us who do understand the potential of a Bernie victory and those of us who are only now beginning to glimpse it, let’s do this: Let’s unite behind Bernie and encourage everyone we know to do the same. Work for the campaign if you can. Not me, us, he says. Let’s be the US he needs to lead us to world that values people over profit.

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