Global Solidarity Day



It can’t be that hard to have the world the way 99% of the people want it, peaceful, healthy, and fair. Maybe we’re overthinking this. Maybe we’re trying too hard using all these convoluted obsolete structures to make change. Sometimes you just got to throw sh*t against the wall and see what sticks.

So here’s this weeks: A petition. Simple enough:

Capital is global. Capitalism is global. It’s time for the people, the 99.9% to unite and go global. We the people of the world make the following demands to the rulers of all countries and corporations in the world:

  • End all wars immediately and disarm all nations
  • Move aggressively toward complete equality – economic, social, and racial –  of all people in the world
  • End exploitation of labor and the earth’s resources. Take aggressive steps to reverse global warming.

On September 21, 2020, World Peace Day, we the people of the world resolve to take the day off work and gather in our local commons to determine the next steps in achieving these demands.

This is the power of the 99.9%: our labor. Without our labor, the game is over.

Sign the petition here.

Okay, a few IFAQs (Infrequently Asked Questions):

  1. Why these demands?

They seemed like the most important ones. Feel free to comment and offer tweaks. But let’s stick to three.

  1. Why 4 years?

Arbitrary time. Could be less. Comment with your thoughts.

  1. Who would organize this?

It would be self-organized. Groups can endorse the concept, but anytime one group is seen as leading something it sets off an ugly turf war. This is person to person. We want these things – peace, equality, health – we take off work on a given day and go to our local common, centro, zocolo, City Hall etc. We decide what to do next. Leadership evolves organically.

Incremental change will not do it. We need to shut the f-ing planet down until people start treating each other and the planet itself right.

  1. If we are talking about world-wide economic equality, won’t some people in the U. S. and Europe have to give up their privileged life style?

Yes. People with wealth  will have to give  up their wealth. But it’s only fair. The process will take time. And the global solidarity engendered will be far more valuable than material wealth.

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