Hey, California! Statewide Teachers’ Strike?

January 12, 2019 Big Rally for Public School Funding

How about a statewide teachers strike in California? I’m sure many people are working on this. LA is going on strike Monday (1/14/19) and Oakland is “Strike Ready” on the verge. And let’s include a parent boycott at the same time. Even if it was only for one day, it could make the legislature move. I spent 45 years in the schools first as a teacher then as a parent organizer. I am so sick of this battle over money. It’s been 40 f-ing years since Prop. 13, we have a Democratic supermajority, and a 9 billion dollar surplus in this state. Yet California remains at 41st in the nation in per pupil spending! This is an outrage. A racist outrage. We need to demand that California be at least in the top ten, or how about we spend half per pupil as we spend per prisoner? Per pupil: $10, 291 per year. Per prisoner: $82,000 per year. [Here’s an idea: why don’t we just give that amount of money to the prisoner if he or she promises to be a good person and then let them go?]

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