In Defense of Men

Men are dogs. We are. We have been so indoctrinated with sexism that we can’t see straight, we just think with our dicks. Don’t tell me you don’t, because I won’t believe you.

What’s the first question? Boy or girl. With just a faint hint of a brighter smile if the answer is male. Men are more valuable than women in our society. Why? Because the capitalists need us to defend the empire. We are raised to kill or be killed.

If you’re raised to kill or be killed, it’s important that you have as few feelings as possible, and those you can’t help, you keep those to yourself or they call you a sissy. Big boys don’t cry, we are told from the age of six months on, starting when we weren’t big at all. The denial of boys and men of their tears may be responsible for much of the violence in the world.

If you’ve been raised to kill as many people as possible with impunity, it’s hard to care about other humans. It’s amazing that so many men have overcome their conditioning to become deeply caring human beings.

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