Make remaining primaries a referendum on Medical for All

Proposal to the Bernie Sanders movement:

Hopefully with the support of the campaign, we transform the remaining primaries explicitly as a referendum on Medicare for All. We use the phone and text systems of the campaign to call voters in the remaining states. We ask the campaign to keep staff on in those states to facilitate this process.

In these calls and texts we acknowledge that Biden will be the nominee, and your reason for still voting for Bernie are to support Medicare for All.

The script for the calls might read:

Hello is ________________available? My name is _____________________and I’m a volunteer with the Bernie Sanders campaign. As you know, Bernie has suspended his campaign for president and has recognized that Joe Biden will be the nominee of the Democratic Party. In the primary coming up in your state of ________________ on [DATE], we urge you to vote for Bernie Sanders as a referendum or poll on Medicare for All. Do you support Medicare for All?

Will you vote for Bernie to express your support for Medical for All?

[OPTIONAL:] We would also like to urge you to vote for Joe Biden in November.

Thank you.

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