Oakland Black Student Reparations

On Wednesday, February 24, 2021, at 5:30 PM the Oakland Board of Education will be voting on a proposal for Reparations for Black Students. You can get the link to the meeting here. Brought forth by a broad coalition of groups including the teachers union, Parent Voices, Black Organizing Project, and many others, this is an enormous step forward. It is likely to pass in some form, but two things to watch for: (1) Some board members may oppose and separate the critical provision to STOP ALL SCHOOL CLOSINGS, a racial justice issue. OUSD has closed 16 historically Black schools in the past 15 years. We must force the board to keep this provision. (2) Funding. The powers that be in the city will attempt to divide people by taking funding from programs serving other students (Latinx students for example). We must demand that the funding for Black Reparations come from the State of California canceling the multimillion dollar debt that the state itself accrued when it was directly in charge of the district. You can read the details of the looting of Oakland’s public schools on Diane Ravitch’s Blog. To read details of this historic proposal, click here: Reparations for Black Students. Email your support to the Board, attend the zoom meeting, speak in support of the proposal (if you’re local).

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