Open all borders

The caravan of 7000 refugees headed through Mexico to the U. S. border is an embarrassment to liberals and establishment Democrats, and may even cause them to fail to retake the house. But from what I can tell, this caravan/march is really a spontaneous anti-imperialist movement with one crucial demand: open all borders. None of the news stories I’ve read say anything about the politics of this march. The New York Times mentions “activists” with no other identification. But the opening of borders is an essential step to achieving the kind of egalitarian society world wide that many of us would like to see.

The global inequality which we see today is the direct result of European colonialism and the economic imperialism which prevails to this day. U. S. imperialism in particular has created the crisis in Latin America which has forced so many people to hit the road in search of a better, more viable life. It was the United Fruit Company – now Chiquita Brands International that made Honduras, where most of the marchers originated, a literal “banana republic.” As recently as 2009 the United States backed the coup of Pepe Lobo, who came to power  after the Honduran military ousted the elected president, José Manuel Zelaya. The coup was widely condemned in Latin America. Lobo ushered in a period of harsh domestic repression that continues, with U. S. help, today.

So regardless of whether this march/caravan is organized or spontaneous — or how embarrassing it is to establishment Democrats — it deserves our unwavering support.

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