Revitalizing the union movement

Do you have a story of rank-and-file union organizing? Clearly the union movement needs some revitalizing. My friend Ken Epstein and I are compiling  an anthology of labor organizing stories, breezy enough to appeal to young people who need to pick up the torch. Please PM me or leave a comment if you have a story you’d like to tell. Not just successes. We can learn from failures too.

I went into teaching in order to forge a parent-teacher alliance as part of the movement for revolution. In the process I got involved with the teacher’s union, where with a bunch of comrades, we developed two rank-and-file caucuses which were able to win four seats on the twelve seat Executive Board. We could have gone much further if it hadn’t been for the inveterate sectarian splits on the left. We post-Maoists couldn’t abide working with Trotskyists, no matter how effective they were. But that’s another story.

Ken has his own story about organizing in the Hospital Workers union.

The story we want to tell is of the many efforts to develop a powerful democratic union movement over the years.

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