Let’s pull this Bernie thing off. We should focus all of our energy here. I think the strategy is to connect with people on a human level. I get and even admire the tactic of Bernie or Bust. We gotta play hardball, I get that. But it is a tactic. A negotiating position. It’s not even an issue, because Bernie is going to win this. What it will take to win our revolution is unity and solidarity among the largest grouping in the world, the international working class. Name it. That’s what it is. 
Anticommunism has been so thoroughly victorious that we can’t even talk in accurate Marxist terms. We’re even afraid of the name. And yet, the essential understanding of Marxism is that if people unite together, if the working class unites together, they can end the egregious practice of exploitation of humans by humans. This is the scientific discovery that makes “US” possible. In other words, we are the 99%. That’s a lot of people. The key revolutionary strategy is for us, the revolutionaries, to connect with as many people as possible on a human to human basis. Our primary job is to create and facilitate solidarity, that magical connective tissue that inspires us to embrace ourselves, our fellow humans, and imagine an improbable future of some seriously enlightened consciousness. We are making this whole thing up as we go along. It’s a giant story. Let’s give this chapter an uplifting ending.
It is time to get serious about the future, now that we realize how much fucking power we have. With power comes responsibility. We – all of us – are the sculptors of our future. Let’s put every ounce of our artistry in it. Like it or not, if we want to win this revolution, we’re going to need to unite with Hillary supporters. We need to win them over, folks. We need to win them over. It’s the system we are against, not the people who haven’t yet seen the light. Think of yourself, what do you respond to? What things or people have changed your mind, have nudged you into your progressive position. Probably the people who influenced us weren’t the ones who attacked us, who called us names. Those kind of attacks are part of the old politics and are functionally counterrevolutionary, call it what it is. The only way this is going to work is if we approach every human we come into contact with absolute respect. In short, Be like Bernie. Start making friends. Make friends with everyone. Before long you’ll be calling a lot of them comrade.
So breathe, comrades, breathe. We are on the cusp of something very beautiful here. Let’s not fuck it up. 

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