Stay in the race, Bernie!

IMHO, Bernie Sanders should stay in the Democratic Primary race until the convention. He should continue doing what he is doing, which is very presidentially leading the fight against the corona virus pandemic and the attempts of the elites to profit from it. His dialogue with AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib yesterday was on point – especially AOC’s advocacy and reference to Mutual Aid.

Because Biden supposedly has the nomination sewed up, the electability issue is off the table. Many people who like Bernie’s policies voted for Biden because they thought he was more electable no longer have to worry and can safely vote for Bernie. I would suggest the Bernie admit that he probably won’t win the nomination but then explicitly call for people to vote for him as a poll on his proposed policies, M4A, GND, End Mass Incarceration, etc. This will give him maximum leverage to push for these essential policies in Biden’s administration (assuming he wins), in the Democratic Party platform, and in the pending legislative battles.

What about the rest of the primaries? Will they be cancelled? It’s possible that the DNC will try to have them all cancelled and coronate Biden at some kind of virtual convention. Obviously, Bernie and all of us who are a part of his movement should vigorously oppose this attempt. We should demand that the DNC mandate vote-by-mail primaries in all the remaining states.

Bernie’s willingness to endorse and campaign for Biden (assuming he wins) and our willingness to vote for him should be conditional on how strongly Joe is willing to fight for Bernie’s policies if he’s elected — especially the ones specifically addressing the pandemic.

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