Tear down all the walls!

It’s likely the spineless democrats are going to cave on the wall. The deal will be 800,000 dreamers for the wall. Democrats should draw a line at the wall. But they won’t. Maybe the best we can hope for is a commission to study the wall which we can defund once we take back Congress in November.

We need to tear down all the walls. Not just those between countries, but those between us as individual humans. It’s the same struggle, the same wall against the “other,” when there is no other. Us is all there is.

Instead of a wall we should take the “15 billion” which is really $70 billion and give it to Mexico as reparations for having stolen their land in the Mexican American War and their water when they build the Hoover Dam.

And eliminate the border altogether, make North America borderless like Europe. Eliminating borders is the one way to create the seriously egalitarian world that most of us want.

To achieve that kind of egalitarian world the U. S. needs to offer reparations to African Americans, to Native Americans, and to Mexico. After the Mexican-American War in 1848, the U. S. government paid Mexico 18 million dollars for California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. In today’s dollars, that’s 545 million. How much would those territories be worth now?

The Hoover Dam, built in 1935, stole millions of acre-feet of water from Mexico. In 1945, the U. S. agreed to supply Mexico with 1.5 million acre-feet, while California got 4.4 million, Arizona 2.8 million, and Nevada 300,000 acre-feet. Much of northern Mexico has become a desert because of this inequitable distribution.

Weren’t we moved by the South Korean performers at the opening ceremony of the Olympics singing “Imagine there’s no countries…”?

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