The Last Nanosecond

I’m no scientist, but I do have an intuitive understanding of quantum entanglement and synchronicity, Jung’s concept of meaningful coincidence that he developed in talks with Einstein in the early 20th century. Synchronicity explains all matter of acausal phenomenon, from spirituality to magic. To experience synchronicity, I suggest visiting the  I Ching, the ancient Chinese Book of  Changes. Jung’s forward to the Wilhelm translation addresses synchronicity.

The reason these coincidences work is because the reality that we experience is a collaboration between our consciousness and external stimuli. Although they might not admit it, Piaget’s and Vigotsky’s idea of constructivism derives from this understanding of reality. Children create their reality by interacting with their environment – they learn through playing, an exercise of the imagination critical to helping determine the future.

Since Heisenberg (the scientist not the meth cooker) and the quantum physicists, it has become clear that there’s no such thing as “objective” reality. Measuring a phenomenon changes its fundamental nature. What we perceive as “reality” is a collaboration between sensory data and human consciousness.

This means, to me, that everything anyone believes is true.

Think about that. Say you believe in the Christian myth of heaven. By my premise, that myth is valid for the person believing it.

How this works is dependent upon the relativity of time, a concept which I don’t think most people understand. Given such relativity, it is possible, and in my opinion likely, that the last nanosecond of one’s life is experientially equivalent to one’s lifetime. If you die at 80, that last nano second will seem to be 80 years long, just as ten seconds of a dream can feel like ten hours. A new lease on life!

So in that last nanosecond, everything that we will experience will be everything that we believe about life and death – thanks to the underappreciated power of our imaginations.

Our imaginations have the power to create whatever we believe and make it true, whatever that means.

In the case of the U. S. that would mean a Bernie Sanders victory in both the primaries and the general. If we believe in it we can make it come true.

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