The Poor People’s Campaign

Happy Birthday, Malcolm X!

Finally. The movement we have been waiting for since 1968 has sprung on the scene that for some time has been mired in hopelessness. Hundreds marched in 30 state capitols on June 14. Some 300 were arrested committing civil disobedience. This is a game changer. Check out the demands of this movement and see if you can find ways to disagree with them lol. (Isn’t that what we on the left do too much of?). End systemic racism. End poverty and inequality. End war and militarism. End ecological devastation. But not in the abstract. Each of these categories has its own set of both highly reasonable and aspirational demands.

I would like to beseech my brothers and sisters on the left that we forget everything else and immerse ourselves in this rebirth of the movement begun by Martin Luther King and the hundreds of leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. This movement made more fundamental change in our so-called democracy that any movement before or since. Head start. Food stamps. Voting rights for f- sake. Desegregation as far as it went. The war on poverty. The rekindling of this spirit is the most hopeful thing on the horizon right now. This is exactly what we need. Join this movement.


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