The Upside of Globalization

wealth-distribution-graphic(September 19, 2016) Capital is global. Capitalism is global, controlled by a cabal of international billionaires, wealthier and more powerful than any class in history, like even Louis XVI. Our movement – the movement for societies that value humans above things, human well-being above individual profit – is currently fragmented by nationality and within our nations. The only thing that can defeat the ruling class and end its rapacious exploitation of the environment and our own labor is an international movement.

Let’s keep it simple, what we can all agree on:

  •          End all wars.
  •          End all exploitation of resources and labor
  •          Redistribute the wealth

What can we do to win those simple but profound demands? We have the internet now. We have – still clumsy but not for long – instantaneous translation.

How long would it take for a critical mass of people who agreed to these demands to connect with each other? A few years, pessimistically 5-10 years. That isn’t so long. What would we do?

How about we just name a day for everyone who agrees with these demands to take off work and gather in their local commons.

This does not seem so far-fetched. We don’t have to be mad about it, we can be as nonviolent as all get out. We just need to stand around on the central plaza of our various cities, towns, and villages, notice our power, and smile at each other. What would we do next? We’ll figure it out from there.


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