The White Supremacy Virus

We wear that mask for a reason, to reduce the risk of a personal/social catastrophe. The risk isn’t very high, but we take precautions, most of us.

What if the growing fascist movement was the next devastating virus?

This is why we Bernie enthusiasts need to stop attacking Biden. I don’t care who you vote for, but take the precaution of not attacking the Democratic candidate. There was a time to do that, and we lost.

Some people say Biden will be as bad as Trump. They might be right. Maybe the white supremacists virus will go away on its own. No I don’t think the coronavirus is a plandemic. But the fascist movement, unlike the left, does have a plan. The white supremacists and their allies have taken over police forces all over the country, and they control dozens of state legislators. Their goal is to maintain white supremacy against the rising demographic tide of the global majority. A lot of Black and Brown people will need to die to implement their plan.

We need to develop a plan to counter this movement before its too late. In order to continue to organize the working class, we need to keep our civil liberties, such as they are. Is it that hard to imagine Trump shutting down all dissent? He might not. But you still wear a mask.

It might be a time to develop a third party. But let’s be strategic about it. Start it in New York and California and shoot for low level offices. We’re going to have to reclaim the statehouses from the let’s-hopefully-call-them quasifascists.

I’ve been watching the World War II dramas. Plot Against America, Hunters, World on Fire. I was born in that war, a year before Hiroshima. It behooves us to take a look at Hitler’s rise. He won the 1932 election with 37% of the vote. The Socialists (Bernieites) got 22%. The Communists 14%. I report this not just for the obvious conclusion that if the Socialists and Communists had put on masks and united, Hitler would likely have been defeated and 25 million people wouldn’t have suffered needless deaths. My main point is look how f-ing strong the left was, and yet they couldn’t stop Hitler. Look how weak we are now and worry.

Be safe. Keep wearing that mask. And take equivalent precautions against the rising white supremacist virus as well.

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