I’d like to propose to the progressive movement that we try something new: unity. What a concept. The most unifying figure to have emerged in recent memory is Bernie. Let’s unite behind him and see what we can do. His 2016 campaign accomplished the impossible: he ran a nearly successful campaign without taking money from Wall Street. This should have been the aspect of his campaign that the party adopted, but no one else is even trying to do this: not Warren, not Harris, not Franken.

I have my differences with Sanders. He’s too close to the Zionists in Israel; he is insufficiently opposed to war in Syria; he hasn’t done enough to reach out to the Black community. He may not be everything, but like money and sex, he’s way ahead of whoever is in second place.

While we may not need Wall Street money, we do need the infrastructure of the Democratic Party to support a successful campaign. The neolibs are pulling out the stops in their campaign against Bernie, but that only shows how desperate they are to hang on to the infrastructure. It won’t work, any more than their campaign against Trump worked.

I get the attraction of a third party, but that racist slavery remnant, the Electoral College, which elected Trump despite the popular vote, won’t support a third party, not yet anyway. If Bernie runs Democratic in 2020 and the DNC tries to screw him again – then perhaps we can split the Democratic Party to create a viable third party. But I don’t think the DNC can do it again. Clinton is history and none of the other candidates have any more of a foothold than Bernie in the party infrastructure. The DNC is going to have to try fairness, what a concept.

Remember the adage, whoever said it first: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win. This is the trajectory Bernie is on if only we can unite behind him.

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