The revolution will most likely not be nonviolent. Nonviolence is a tactic that we use until we are forced to fight back. The other side, the 1%, is not nonviolent, lol. They have at their disposal the most destructive war machine that the world has ever seen.

The violence won’t come from the likes of guy who shot up the phony softball game. He didn’t kill anyone, BTW. Only he was killed. I don’t think he was crazy. I think he wanted a meaningful death. I can’t defend what he did. It was adventurist, and it has endangered the movement, as evidenced by the despicable efforts to smear Bernie behind this stunt.

But the assassination of King and Malcolm, along with much of the Black Panther Party, and the continuing spate of police murders, have proven that the ruling class will not give up its wealth and power peacefully. We have time, but we need to get ready.

Fortunately, their massive armed forces are comprised of us, working class men and women who are learning valuable skills. When push comes to shove, many will switch to our side.

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