Viva Mexico!

The election of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) could be a turning point in the hemisphere. The early 2000s saw a proliferation of socialism in Latin America, not just Cuba any more. Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina. Of course El Salvador and Nicaragua, who fought and defeated the United States. The 2010s saw a right-wing resurgence.

It’s one fight. We are one people. It’s not good enough to back “humane” immigration policies, okay, no f-ing concentration camps for the tender aged. Obama didn’t incarcerate people, but he did deport a record number of undocumented.

This should be a dividing line on the left, or an issue like medicare for all that we don’t compromise on. The border between the United States and Mexico should be open, like the borders of the E. U. The United States has so much, and its cabal of billionaires is hoarding so much more, while the people of Mexico are scraping by at a subsistence level. The Mexican people need to step up to the U. S. and tell us to stop being such an f-ing bully and share some of our obscene largess.

I don’t know how López Obrador will govern. There are hopeful signs that he is more honest than most politicians and not seeking to enrich himself. It is curious that the U. S. doesn’t seem to be as agitated by AMLO as they were by Allende, Chavez, Ortega, the FSLN. Has he made peace with the CIA? Or has the CIA really taken a left turn because of Trump? Vamos a ver.

We need to develop a left Mexico-U. S. friendship association to begin building a full integration of our societies from the bottom up. Maybe there already is one. If anyone knows of any efforts in this regard, please leave a comment.

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