Stories about working-class organizing. Do you have a story? About rank-and-file organizing in the unions? Organizing the unorganized? Working-class community organizing? Organizing in working-class schools? Please comment on this post with your contact information if you do have such a story. Ken Epstein https://www.oaklandxings.com and I are editing an anthology of such stories called Solidarity Forever. So far we have stories from Walter Riley (Boots dad) about organizing in the auto and steel industry, from a Black Panther Party community organizer, from a leader of last year’s West Virginia teachers strike, from a leader of the Teamsters for a Democratic Union, from hospital workers, from parent organizers in the schools.

But we need more. We’d like stories from Fight for 15. From Uber drivers. From tenant organizing. Etc.

We want breezy stories that will appeal to young people. There’s no question that whoever wins the presidency in 2020, organizing the working class is the only way forward for people who want and need a just society which values people more than profit. It’s hard but exciting work. We hope our book will help people figure out how to do it.

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