We can win this!

We could win this thing, Bernie people. What the media and the mainstream politicians don’t or won’t understand is the role of movements in politics. Trump would not be where he is without his racist movement. Hitler could not have taken over without a movement. The only person capable of leading a countermovement is Bernie. Movements change peoples’ minds in a hurry. Movements like ours wake people up.

People are rising all over the world. Iraq. Ecuador. Chile. Haiti. Algeria. France. Honduras. Movements like these make people realize very quickly how much power we have if we work together.

We need only to look at the desperation of the neoliberals in floating the idea of Clinton or Bloomberg to realize how close Bernie is to winning, and they know it. The movement for human unity can be slowed, but it can’t be stopped. Sooner or later, we’re going to figure this shit out, how to structure society so that it serves the many not just the few.

We need to step up our game. Calling people from the comfort of your own home is easy and fun, perhaps just a couple hours a week. If everyone did just a little more, it could make all the difference. Let’s do this thing.

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