What’s wrong with this picture?

The 24/7 hullaballoo over Khashoggi being most likely assassinated by Saudi Arabian security forces is symptomatic of everything that’s wrong with the current political situation, and it’s not just Donald Trump, not just the Republicans. 6500+ civilians have been killed in Yemen, mostly from U.S. weapons sold to the Saudis. Our own Green Berets are clocking up a death toll on the ground there. 8.4 million people are starving. But the media is obsessed with the fate of one guy. Sure, maybe he was a good guy. A journalist. A bit of a celebrity. It might not have been the smartest thing for him to show up at the Saudi consulate in Turkey. Perhaps he underestimated his enemy. Don’t get me wrong. We should find out what happened and hold the Saudi’s accountable. But then we should cut off all military aid to Saudi Arabia in order to stop its vicious intervention in the Yemeni war. I think it’s fair to say our outrage is misplaced.

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  1. Hey, is it OK if I’m outraged at the Khashoggi murder too? The principle of press freedom is involved here & with a POTUS who talks of the “Lying press” when they don’t heap praise on him for his “historic, unprecedented” accomplishments this has even more importance. If Trump & company allow the Saudis to get away with this, God help us. The Saudis are murderous thugs in Yemen & run a brutal regime at home. We don’t need them as “allies” even if they seem to have an almost endless supply of that fuel that is hastening the end of the livability of this planet. But, I have room for more than one “outrage.”

    1. I agree with you, and yes there’s room for more than one outrage. It’s the media that overblow the outrage at the Khashoggi murder while ignoring the unthinkable devastation of Yemen. It’s kind of like it’s okay to kill people if we don’t know them, but we knew this guy Khashoggi…

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